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Frosting Soap Base

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We are currently experiencing some issues with our shopping cart software, and it is not displaying UPS shipping rates at checkout.  You are welcome to place an order, and we will call or e-mail you with the shipping amount so you can ok it first.  If you are paying with a credit card, at the time of the order we'll authorize your card, but not bill you until we actually ship the order.  If you pay with PayPal, we'll send you a PayPal invoice for the shipping separately.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience while we work to resolve the issue.


New Products!
Click here to see our newest air freshener shapes!

  If you haven't purchased any recently, be sure to check outour improved AromaArt®Air Freshener material!


Our mission is very simple ... to bring you
nothing but the BEST supplies for your crafting use.


For nearly 10 years, we sold finished handmade crafts (soaps, candles, jewelry, needlework, toiletries, beadwork and more) at craft fairs, trade shows, open houses, home parties, and wholesale accounts.

Our customers came to count on our reputation for using only the absolute best raw materials in our products.  Now you can count on us to provide you with these professional-quality materials to use in your crafts!

So make yourself comfortable ... click on any of the links at the top, bottom, or left side of this page ... and start shopping!

Products are cross-linked between categories when they fit into more than one, and if you prefer them in a different arrangement you can sort them to suit your needs - by item number, description, or price (lowest to highest, or highest to lowest).

Click on the search button in the upper right corner or lower left corner and you'll be able to search by category, keyword, price range, or item number.

There's no need to register for an account just to look around ... but registering allows you to sign up to be notified of special sales, new items, etc., so we encourage you to do so even if you're not quite ready to order yet.

We're pleased to be among the first in the industry to offer "Rewards Points" - another way we can say "thank you" for your repeat business!  Be sure to visit the Rewards Points page for more details.

AromaArt logoFor those of you that are returning visitors - you'll see an old favorite with a new name/look!  Our "Air Freshener Shapes" are now sold under the brand name "AromaArt™" ... not only here at Oak Court Creations, but also by a growing network of distributors and craft supply retailers.  Click on the logo to see our newest additions - and what's in the works!

Some things, however, have remained exactly the same!  There's still no minimum order and no handling charge.  You can still purchase almost all of our items in small sizes (most bottles and jars in single pieces, even!).  And we're still the same family-owned and operated business with the fast shipping and friendly service that you've come to rely on.

And the one thing that will NEVER change is... that we appreciate your business and your suggestions on how we can make things bigger and better.   Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your shopping experience!  Let us know if there's anything we can do to help you.


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