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As of 4/15/05, we are pleased to offer Oak Court Acorns (Rewards Points) with all qualified purchases through our website.  These points can be redeemed for discounts on future orders.  It's another way for us to say "thank you" for your repeat business!

How to Earn Points:
It's easy - just shop with us!  (grin)  Seriously, though, that's all it takes to earn points... just make a purchase online through our shopping cart.   As you browse the site, each item detail page will state how many points can be earned by purchasing that product... for example, "You can earn 10 Oak Court Acorns (rewards points) on this product!".  If you purchase more than one of the same item, you will earn the stated number of points for each item - using the example above, purchasing three of that item would earn you 30 points (10 points each, times 3).

Most items on the site are worth 2 points per dollar of cost - for example, a product priced at $5.00 would be worth 10 points.  However, some items priced under $0.50 do not earn points when purchased individually - but always earn the appropriate number of points if purchased in multi-packs.  Specials, fast buys, clearance items, pre-sale items, and bulk quantity orders at specially negotiated pricing generally will not earn points, but that may vary from item to item.  Point values of items are assigned at the sole discretion of Oak Court Creations, Inc. and may be modified at any time without prior notice.  Points are earned on merchandise only - not on services, shipping, or tax.  If any items are returned, the corresponding number of points will be deducted from your account, or if there are no points left in your account, the appropriate cash value will be deducted from your merchandise credit.

You may also earn points via the following methods:

  • Submitting a photo used in our "Customer Creations" gallery (200 points)
  • Submitting a recipe used on our "Recipes and Projects" page (200 points)
  • Submitting a novel way to use or decorate our AromaArt™ Air Freshener Canvas (200 points)
  • Coming soon... points for referring new customers!
  • How to Redeem Points:
    If you have an accumulated point balance in your account, when you checkout you'll be shown your point balance and asked if you'd like to redeem some (or all) of your points.   We ask for your cooperation in not redeeming less than 100 points at a time, just to keep the paperwork from becoming a nightmare! (grin)  Just enter the number of points you wish to redeem, and their corresponding value will be deducted from your order.  

    NOTE: Points CANNOT be redeemed for shipping, tax, or any other additional charges - they can only be redeemed up to the merchandise total of your order.  For example, if you have 1000 points in your account (equal to $10.00), and you place an order for $6.00 worth of merchandise (plus $5.50 shipping and $1.00 tax), you can only redeem 600 of your points on that order.  Points are not earned on purchases made during a transaction when points are redeemed for a discount.

    If you have any questions about earning or using Rewards Points, please contact us.

    Points are awarded subject to the discretion of Oak Court Creations, Inc., and we reserve the right to adjust point balances if necessary.

    The page you requested either is no longer available or access to it has been restricted.

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