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We have listed below all of the groups we are aware of which hold gatherings or conventions.  Some links may not work, but group members have indicated that the pages will be reactivated when the next event is planned.

If you are aware of an event not listed, please e-mail us and we'll be happy to add it!  However, if you know for a fact that a group has disbanded, please let us know that as well so we can remove the listing.

If you would like us to donate, Oak Court Creations sends goodie bag samples and/or door prizes to most gatherings/conventions that request them.   E-mail us with information about your event!   Due to past abuses, however, please be aware that we do not ship merchandise until a few weeks before the event, when a fairly firm head count is available.


Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild www.soapguild.org
Alaska Soapers www.kodiakisland.net/gathering
Arizona Gathering of Soap & Candle Artisans www.azgathering.com
Midwest Soap & Candle Bee www.soapbee.com
Alabama Soap Meeting www.alabamasoapmeeting.com
Texas Soapmakers Association www.txsoapmakers.org
International Guild of Candle Artisans www.igca.net/conventions/index.htm
Chicago-Area Soap and Candlemakers' Conference www.chicagosoapandcandlemakers.com
Colorado Soapmakers Guild Gathering www.COSoapmakersGuild.netfirms.com
Colorado Candlemakers Retreat www.candlemakersretreat.com
Central New York Soapmakers Gathering http://cnysoapmakers.org
Nebraska Soapers Gathering http://jacquelinebethune.tripod.com
Ohio Candlemakers Gathering E-Mail Gena
Iowa Soapmakers Gathering E-mail Cindy
Pennsylvania Soapmakers Gathering www.soapmaking-101.com/PAGathering.html
TriState Chandlers & Soapers Conference (IN) www.tristateconference.com
Gel Tyme Experience for Candlemakers www.geltyme.com
Quad States Soapmakers Gathering (LA) www.bubblemethis.com/quadstate_gathering.html
Bubbleheads Gathering (GA) www.bubbleheadsgathering.com
Texas Candle and Soap Makers Meeting http://2003candlemeetings.freeservers.com/
Upper Midwest Soapmakers Guild www.umsoapguild.com
Ohio Kentuckiana Soapers Gathering http://ohiosoapers.blogspot.com

The page you requested either is no longer available or access to it has been restricted.

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