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12" Rattan Diffuser Reeds - 100

SKU: RREED12-100
These pale tan diffuser reed sticks are 12" long and sold in a bundle of 100 pieces.

Use these reeds to make the hot new reed fragrance diffusers - an all-natural way to scent your room!

Simply use a narrow-necked glass vase or bottle, pour a layer of fragrance oil (straight, or enhanced with hexylene glycol) in the bottom - we suggest 1/2" to 1", depending on the diameter of the bottle - and insert the desired number of reeds into the neck of the vase or bottle. The reeds will begin to wick the oil up the shaft and into the air around it - it will take a few hours to achieve maximum strength. This time can be shortened by reversing the reeds end-for-end (top to bottom) and reinserting them in the bottle after an hour or two.

We start with 6 reeds, and add more if the scent is a very soft one or a more intense aroma is desired - 10-12 is the most we've needed, and in some cases 6 was enough!

We have not tested them with EO yet, but the completed diffuser sets are being retailed online with both EO blends and FO's for anywhere from $35-$90, depending on the type of vase and amount of oil offered. To keep them affordable, we suggest offering 1/2 - 1 oz. of fragrance oil in your basic set, then selling "refill" bottles of oil in larger sizes - or "refill kits" of a different scent plus fresh reeds, for those who want to change scents for variety.

Pair these with a small bottle of fragrance and a lovely vase - if you're handy with glass paint or decals, decorate the vase, or make a beautiful bow around the neck with fancy ribbon. Use a beautiful salad dressing cruet or small olive oil bottle for a different look!
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12" Rattan Diffuser Reeds - 100
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"Diffuser Reeds"

Shannon Foster on 6/16/2005 11:57:00 AM

Comments: These are truly spectacular. I love them. Now I just need to decide what to sell them for and how to package the reeds, vase and FO.

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