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To our valued customers....

As of 1/1/06, we will no longer be offering Priority Mail as a shipping option.   We have had to make this difficult decision due to repeated (and escalating) problems with both incoming and outgoing packages sent using Priority Mail.  Many of the problems are confined to our local post office and postmaster, but systemwide problems such as "2-3 day" packages frequently taking as long as 11 days for delivery were also a factor in our decision.

That's the bad news - however, we also have GOOD NEWS!!  Since we will be using UPS exclusively for all of our domestic shipping, we've been able to negotiate a small discount on all UPS shipping services, and we're passing the discount along to you!  UPS had already announced their annual rate increase of 4%, effective 1/3/06, but the discount we negotiated will, in most cases, be enough to negate the impact of the rate hike entirely.  As our volume of shipping with UPS increases, we'll likely see additional discounts that will continue to make UPS shipping an even better value.   Don't forget that ALL UPS packages include insurance for up to $100 ... and are trackable at every step along the way from us to you.

We realize that some of you may be unhappy with this switch - and would like to offer some suggestions to minimize the impact of shipping UPS vs. Priority Mail on small packages (generally less than 3 lbs.):

1) Consolidate orders, meaning to order slightly less often but place larger orders each time - this will spread the shipping charges out over a larger amount of product

2) For of you who currently order several 10-packs at a time of our AromaArt™ Air Freshener Shapes, please be aware that there are significant cost savings on the 100-pack - and that shapes can be mixed and matched within the 100-pack.  For example, you can split your 100-pack into 30 stars, 20 hearts, and 50 ovals ... 10 of each of 10 different shapes ... or however you like as long as all of the numbers are multiples of 10 and add up to 100!

3) Consider ordering items like packaging in 50 or 100 piece lots - many times the additional cost savings on the quantity pricing will cover most (or all) of the shipping charges!

We will still be offering Post Office shipment for international packages, since UPS hasn't come up with a cost-effective alternative.   If you are in Alaska or Hawaii, we will also be happy to use Priority Mail for your shipments for the same reason... just select "FREE LOCAL DELIVERY" and mention in the comments box that you want Priority Mail used for shipping - depending on your chosen method of payment, we'll either bill your credit card for the correct amount of shipping, or send you a PayPal invoice for the shipping amount.

Thanks in advance for your understanding... we're always looking for ways to improve our service and keep our prices low and quality high, so please keep the suggestions and comments coming!

Best regards,
The staff at Oak Court Creations
The page you requested either is no longer available or access to it has been restricted.

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